VA Loans are mortgage loans guaranteed by The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  
You can obtain a VA loan through any
VA approved private lender.

One of the most attractive features of these type of loans is the availability to qualify with
zero down payment. (100% financing). If you purchase within the current
loan limits.
You also save on mortgage insurance, since it’s not required for this type of loan.
You must meet the other requirements though, like credit worthiness and earn sufficient
income to make the monthly payments.

Here’s a useful basic checklist you can use to prepare to qualify, have it ready at the time
you contact your
loan officer.

☐ VA Certificate of Eligibility
•        Current Active Duty – At least 90 days of active duty.
•        Veterans –181 days active duty service and discharge other than dishonorable,
   or 90 days active duty during war.
•        National Guard or National Reserves, 6 years of service.
☐ Driver License or ID (current)

☐ Social Security card

☐ Two most recent years Tax Returns

☐ Two most recent years W2 or /and 1099 forms

☐ One most recent month of job pay stubs

☐ Business licence (if self-employed)

☐ Life Insurance policies (if any)

☐ Investment account statements/portfolios (if any)

☐ Stock and bond certificates (if any)

☐ Vehicle owned year and model info

        VA loan buyers (or their spouses for active-duty military) must occupy the house after closing or within
60 days (if it’s a loan for a new build). If you are purchasing duplex, triplex or fourplex residency, you must live
in one of the units.
        Must have acceptable credit record (at least 12 months with no negative history.

* This is a general information, for more details on your particular case, please contact us at
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*All loan requirements subject to sudden change.
VA Loans Requirements Checklist
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