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When You Rent:

  • The rent amount can go up
    year after year.
  • You must follow the landlord
    rues, like parking areas, after
    hours noise, color of house
    paint, etc.
  • You can not remodel, make
    room additions, change color
    of paint, etc.
  • The rent payment is due
    exactly the same day every
    month, or you could be
    immediately evicted.
  • Your landlord can end the rent
    contract at any time (after
    giving you legal notice to
    vacate premises).
  • Month after month you throw
    away the money you pay in
    rent, you don't get any financial
    benefit for it.
  • If you have pets, in many rental
    residences you are not allowed
    to bring them with you.
  • You'll never get back the
    money you have paid in rent,
    compared to a home owner,
    renting won't allow for any
    equity earnings.
When you Own:

  • A fixed mortgage payment can give
    organize your finances.
  • You are free to remodel, make room
    additions, add a swimming pool,
    change the color of the walls, etc.
  • In an emergency you have a few
    extra days to pay your mortgage,
    usually 15 days, without affecting
    your credit.
  • Month after month the payment
    applied to your principal is equity
    earned, and if on top of that the value
    is increasing, it could mean
    substantial earnings for you.
  • As home owner you can deduct the
    interest paid on your house from your
    income taxes.
  • You can have pets in your own home,
    no need to deal with any landlord!
  • If necessary you can always
    refinance to get money out to pay for
    home additions or improvement, or
    to  pay for your kids college, start a
    new business, buy a second (or
    investment) home, travel or cover an
    emergency expense.
  • Being a home owner make you and
    your family proud.
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